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  • All Written content and some imagery is under the ownership of Ian Oriol and may not be redistributed without express permission from the owner.
  • Any images not created by site owner such as in-game screenshots, logos, and other such media belong to their respective companies and organizations, and all such imagery is used with permission, or with the intent of promoting these companies and their work, and by no means is done to deface or cause harm.
  • By reading/commenting/using this website you the reader agree to adhere by all policies listed on this page, as well as laws pertaining to copyright and content ownership.

  • ALL Clothing is created from original artwork by Ian Oriol, and is produced by a local screen-printing company in Alabama. 
  • ANY Artwork bearing resemblance to games/companies is done so with permission from such parties, or done in such way that the art does not violate any party's rights.
  • ALL Transactions are made through PayPal, and issues with payment such as refunds, etc must be taken up through PayPal to be successfully resolved. 
  • ALL Products are shipped using USPS Flat-rate boxes; we do not currently ship outside the US.

  • By Entering contests you the entrant agree to have your name and any content you submit in entry posted publicly on this website.
  • If for any reason it is believed that your entrie(s) could be invalid, you will be disqualified from any and all future contests held at This includes stolen/forged/copied original entry content.
  • Withholding of mailing address in any contest involving physical merchandise will result in forfeit of prize.
  • ALL entries must be submitted with a valid email address.


Policies last Updated on: 03.27.15