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WIZARD101 is a fantasy game where you become a young wizard training at Ravenwood Academy before being sent off to save Wizard City and save the Spiral.

MINECRAFT is the ultimate sandbox game with hundreds of blocks to build and hundreds more of creations to craft and use to survive and thrive. 

THE SIMS 4 is the fourth installment of the hit simulation franchise The Sims - play with Sims as they explore their world, make friends, and live life!

SIMCITY is a city-building simulation that lets you start a city from the ground up and build it into a utopia or wreak havoc on your citizens - how you play and run your city is up to you.

PIRATE101 lets you create a Pirate and explore the Spiral plundering and fighting against the Armada on a quest to expand your crew and find your parents.

HEARTHSTONE is a turn-based card game that runs on PC Mac and mobile devices, it lets you play as one of many classes and fight against a computer ad other HearthStone players to earn more cards and spells.

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