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DWI 6 - Coleman Gets Down

Posted by Ninja Bunny Lord on May 19, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Greetings Earthlings! Today I bring you another exciting adventure in the life that is Coleman, our red-haired-plant-loving-bottle-throwing-sim-friend! Last time we hung out with Coleman he'd been seeing a few sims hoping to find a connection with one... and he celebrated his birthday! If you aren't up to par on your Coleman-ology try reading this to catch up! This time I'm going to push Coleman outside of his comfort zone and make him... SOCIALIZE. We'll just have to see how that works for him.

Coleman's first day is uneventful, he goes to the park and then has to go to work, yada yada. His second day is mostly the same, but I do take a chance to rethink his wardrobe a little bit. I decide to swap up Coleman's beige overcoat for a nice purple sweater, and even give him a bit of a makeover for his partywear too. I also notice that Coleman seems to have gained a little weight... Maybe I have him baking too many sweets and not eating enough real food. I decide that Coleman doesn't need to be an adonis but working out can't hurt him, so I buy him a punching bag and hope that he likes it :P. Coleman works out a bit and then celebrates by watching some TV like a normal human! (I would do the same)

I realize that I slipped up a bit when I look up to see Coleman talking to his plants... Oops! I'm not very good at letting him be social so I decide to take him out to a bar in Windenburg (the city that comes with Get Together). He goes with a friend of his, Nina, who promptly leaves Coleman to his own devices and eventually leaves the venue. Coleman is now alone in the wild at night. Uh oh.... Miraculously Coleman does fine and after several drinks (his doing not mine) he ends up meeting a grwat guy named Dominic, the two sit at the abr and toss back some more drinks and get to know each other a little more, before Coleman gets a phone call from a friend saying there's a party going on at Von Haunt and he needs to be there. I'm mostly shocked that someone actually called Coleman, since he has like three friends, but I accept the request and head to Von Haunt Mansion to par-tay. 

When I get to the mansion I learn that this party is a dance party, so Coleman needs to dance. For me personally dancing is a no-go, but since Coleman has already made leaps and bounds socially tonight I let him shake his money maker and enjoy himself! He has a great time and makes a ton of friends, as well as enjoys some pretzels and more drinks, until well into the morning. Eventually Coleman finds his way home and goes to bed, at 4 AM. I'm super happy that Coleman likes dancing and parties, so I make sure to take advantage of him having the next three days off and that he spends the next few nights out on the town again. I will say that Coleman's behavior wasn't always A+... I did find him PEEING IN A BUSH:

like dude, there's a real bathroom somehwere around here were you that desparate...

Coleman starts day three with some excersize and some work on his garden. Then he heads to a bar, before eventually getting a phone call to come to the Bluffs for another dance party. The bluffs are an Island off the coast of Windenburg with an amazing pool, dance floor, and a BBONFIRE. Coleman dances it up and hangs out with his new buddies and I even get to watch a Sim Fire Dance in front of the Bonfire (which Coleman can't quite do yet...) Coleman dances it up pretty late again and then goes home, ready for some sleep and for the next day's parties. 

Coleman's next day is almost a break day, he has a friend come over to hang out, and then practices his drink making for work, a rather uneventful day. However the next day Coleman gets a call from one of his new bar friends, inviting him to join Partihaus! Partihaus is a club that mostly involves drinking and dancing, Coleman's two new favorite passtimes. He gladly accepts and they group rallies together for a night of - you guessed it - Partying and drinking! This is probbaly Coleman's best night, he levels up in dancing again, is surrounded by his new group of friends, and even runs into TRAVIS (a flame from last posts!!!!) I honestly didn't notice Travis at first but then I was panning the room and there's Coleman and Travis all up on each other on the dance floor! (Also shoutout to Tyler from "Simming With my Simself" for showing up to the party too)

I really like Travis so he might be a reoccuring thing in Coleman's life. At least he doesn't walk out on him like that Witch Nina did. After a night of more partying Coleman spends his next day in full recovery mode, eating salad and getting ready for his first day of work after 4 days of very eventful partying! I hope he isn't too hungover..... I'm glad he had fun though! Maybe next time he can go on a date with Travis and they can have some alone time not on a sweaty dance floor! 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next Deal With It post! 

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