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Posted by Ninja Bunny Lord on April 29, 2016 at 9:00 AM

*dusts off blog and blows away cobwebs* Does this thing still work..? Oh, guess so!


Well hello there! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here, or even gamed actually. These last few weeks have been rough on me and not even gaming made me happy; but that’s not why I’m posting so onto the real reason….


KINGDOM. There I was scrolling through Steam looking at (another) sale to see if something looked interesting and/or was OS X compatible… In my scrolling I found a cute little game called “Kingdom”, a pixelated scrolling adventure where you are a fresh king/queen slowly building your kingdom up by locating natural resources and convincing people to settle into your village. You must be quick though for when night falls small greedy creatures will attack your citizens and even you for your gold, and once you’re out of gold… your Crown. I enjoy medieval themed games and also love pixel art/games (Heyo Nimblebit). It was also only $5 when I bought it because it was on sale, so I bought it!!


The game starts with your king/queen walking out of the mists and past the Kingdom logo, which fall to crumbled stone as you pass by. Then it puts you through a quick tutorial that explains how you gather coins and patrons and build your kingdom. From there you are left to explore a procedurally generated 2D world and gather resources and spread your domain. The graphics were my initial selling point, and if you see below they are quite cute but also pretty beautiful once you factor in the weather and lighting.


I managed to make it through several days with almost no issues. I ran low on coins sometimes but every day you are given an “allowance” for surviving another night and that kept me going. I did learn though that defenses are your most important assets in this game. As the days progress more and more and more powerful creatures come to attack your kingdom and if you don’t have ample defenses they will break through and wreak havoc on everything you have worked to build.



My ruling came to an end on the 15th day; I was wandering the woods in the middle of the night and a horde of the creatures assaulted me and I couldn’t get away fast enough; they stole all of my coins and then snatched my crown (which the game kindly plays in slo-mo to le you know you fudged up…;) and they ran into the night. Once you lose your crown you are no longer considered a ruler and the game ends. I wish there was some sort of save feature s I could go back to where I was before the attack, but I also like that the game forces you to restart when you lose (a feature common in older games but rare in modern gaming…;) All in all I find the game charming, entertaining, and with beautiful graphics and an easy interface; the game is also rather easy to learn and fun to explore! It is a casual game, and though it is made for desktop, I personally think that it would be interesting to see this game made into a mobile game - its graphics and play style make it suitable for the stripped down environment mobile gaming often is.



KINGDOM is $9.99 on Steam and the deluxe edition comes with the original soundtrack (no extra gameplay, so unless music is your thing the standard version is all you need!). Buy it HERE and add me on steam (ninjabunnylord) to keep up with my gaming adventures! Thanks for Reading!


PS. This is my last week of school, so after this week I will only have work to eat up at my schedule. I am hoping that not having classes and extra work will free up my time and let me get back to making posts and videos! Fingers crossed; I missed WatchHallow!


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